Ufasoft Miner - Windows/Linux, x86/x64, SSE2/OpenCL, Open Source

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Ufasoft Coin Miner, version 0.102 (2015-Feb).
Works under Windows and Linux with full GPL

Source Code

Linux binaries, compiled by K1773R

hi ufasoft i have tested you version of miners in my xp 64, my result are 11.3 M/hash with 5 threads of my phenon 1055t at 3.1 ghz per core, are poor compared with these results = 14.4 M/hash with the rpcminer-4way of puddinpop. Thanks for this work and continue working i u have future versions i continue testing =)

Do you use some custom compilation of "rpcminer-4way.exe"?

Precompiled binaries from http://www.mediafire.com/file/e39ygb9hbiesb09/bitcoin-rpcminer-20110213-win32bin.zip
on my Core Quad 2.33 shows with 4 miner threads:
2462 khash/s

It's very strange

ok with the RCPMINER-CPU.EXE miner I was showing about 4500khash/s

With this app I am showing 10.8-11mhash/s

Is this DOUBLE what I was getting with the RCP or am I just mathematically challenged??


rpcminer-cpu.exe is usual CPU miner. More interesting what are your results with rpcminer-4way.exe ?
It uses SSE2 too (as bitcoin-miner.exe).


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