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Title: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin - BLK stealth wallet
Post by: Subtuppel on April 01, 2015, 03:05:23 PM

On behalf of the developers, all credit goes to "The Black Chamber group":
This topic is mainly for information since not everybody reads our subreddit. Support and infos from the developers is to be found here: Blackcoin subreddit ( I will post all relevant follow-up-info here, though.

Project Legionnaire Announcement: Wallet Obsidian - A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin (

Quote from: btclaw
The members of The Black Chamber are proud to announce completion of the first phase of Project Legionnaire: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin.

This is not an announcement of a release date or the first of a series of gradual updates. Obsidian is now ready to use. It is operational and available for download here: ( It is open source. Please download and test it for yourself. Other developers may incorporate some or all of the wallet’s features for other projects as they see fit.

Wallet Obsidian is the result of the skilled work of JP Richardson, the developer of Coinbolt ( ( With Obsidian, JP created a stealth address privacy wallet for our favorite coin, Blackcoin. In the course of his months of work, you saw his posts in this subreddit, usually requesting some background information on the coin. Primary financing for Wallet Obsidian has come from the various members of The Black Chamber, but most notably community member trustlessgold.

History of Project Legionnaire:
This project was initiated by Wizfarm in the Spring of 2014. In October of 2014, the members of The Black Chamber organized to continue the project, seeing a need generally for a privacy/stealth wallet to supplement BlackHalo/NightTrader. The Black Chamber announced its existence on this subreddit in November of 2014.

Goals of Wallet Obsidian:
Basic privacy is a critical element of commerce. The goal of this phase of Project Legionnaire is to provide basic privacy features to Blackcoin. Using stealth address technology ( ( Obsidian users only need one stealth address to protect their privacy. Obsidian is designed to aid in Blackcoin’s adoption by both the cryptocurrency community and the commercial mainstream. Traders, merchants, employers and employees can send and receive Blackcoin using stealth addresses. Others who are not party to the transaction will not be able to immediately or easily discover the existence of a transaction, where coins arrive or how they are spent. Wallet Obsidian is not intended to make Blackcoin a “stealth” or “dark” coin or defeat the stated goal of mainstream adoption. However, in concert with BlackHalo (allowing anonymity through practices such as cross-chain trading), Wallet Obsidian helps Blackcoin facilitate anonymous trading better than any other coin or system.

Wallet Obsidian is a basic privacy wallet that operates as generally described here: ( More information on stealth technology can be found here: ( Some time and expense was required to discover that Obsidian could not be a “standalone” wallet and had to require downloading the blockchain as with other Blackcoin wallets. Wallet Obsidian does not require centralization or a hardfork of the coin to implement its features.

Wallet Obsidian presently uses the English, Chinese and Spanish interfaces.

Wallet Obsidian is named for the mineral obsidian which is black, opaque and is primarily composed of the molecule silicon dioxide (a chemical attribute it coincidentally shares with the mineral onyx). The icon of Wallet Obsidian represents the molecular diagram of silicon dioxide (SO2) in its crystalline form: a silicon atom connected to four oxygen atoms. The developer group Obsidian Cryptovault Technologies, LLC announced their existence after initial work on Wallet Obsidian’s name, interface and logo were complete. Wallet Obsidian is not affiliated with Obsidian CVT and The Black Chamber is willing to rebrand Wallet Obsidian on request. Obsidian CVT and other developers are free to use Wallet Obsidian’s open-source software and name.

Although Obsidian is fully operational, JP and The Black Chamber expect to provide updates based on community interest and support. Multi-sig is planned but at a level dependent upon community interest and support. Any and all suggestions or offers of assistance are appreciated.

This post on the Blackcoin subreddit ( will be the primary announcement on Wallet Obsidian. Future announcements will begin here. Please feel free to distribute this message to other media and platforms as you see fit.

The members of The Black Chamber would like to thank JP for his good, skilled work in developing Wallet Obsidian. Thank you to the members of the Foundation (including Jabulon, Gritt and dzimbeck) for helping us coordinate work with other Blackcoin developers and answering questions. We’d like to thank Syllabear for his recent work also. Special appreciation is extended to rat4, who developed and continues to develop this ground-breaking, innovative coin. It is obvious that a lot of good, talented people continue to advance this coin. The continuing announcements and contributions of developers, including rat4, Syllabear, dzimbeck, Blackwave Labs and CVT Obsidian, provide just some of the proof that Blackcoin is revolutionary and will continue to innovate.

Donations to The Black Chamber:
BLK: BKpEEeNRDWX1Ph2tp49LV8Z7X8ygR2oqfS
BLK using Obsidian: rVw7dxt2zofsdCbpqQXkYUvPy7gG3fVAcJj1m6HqDdrQeCPquSetzx3Una19UF41eNuex5t46Fw1Qrb AWUSNmRqzTmPJ13r7SCqcKq

BTC: 1DcsbBpvG9qe2QSzSMZJtb3rMZn5QbXxrE

Donations to JP and Coinbolt:
BLK using Obsidian: rVwDpd6nZaDq2fxhLNEDLSc4rXyu7iYgvBqfWZFScBMY9zVLGrDZPk6PUNz2FixLdBTN7M3qfUHpsjd UFA2qxDuhhUGRsCFfbREiQL

BTC: 1LVQwcPVwVCshjyWaFtDc23xqiPm53cP9c

The Black Chamber

Wallet Obsidian - How to Start Using Wallet Obsidian (

Quote from: btclaw
How to start using Wallet Obsidian:

Download 0.2.0 from here: (

If you use Windows, you need to download the Windows BlackCoin-qt with the RPC fix from here: ( . The next official Blackcoin release will contain a fix. See more info here: and ( and

To practice using Obsidian with an existing BLK wallet, we suggest you try the following:

  • Close Blackcoin-qt
  • Backup your wallet.dat. Only after backing up elsewhere, rename wallet.dat to something like wallet.dat.bak and keep in the same folder as the rest of blackcoin.qt.
  • Start Obsidian . Obsidian will connect to Blackcoin.qt. The Obsidan Wallet window will open. Blackcoin-qt will open, a new wallet.dat will be created.
  • You will see in the Obsidan Wallet window "Receiver" and "Amount" for sending to other Obsidan wallets. Use Control-V to paste stealth addresses into the "Receiver" area.
  • To see your stealth address, hit "Copy Stealth Address". To send to yourself, use Control-V to paste your stealth address into the "Receiver" area. Once you hit "Copy Stealth Address", you can paste your stealth address wherever you wish. Note that the stealth address is much longer than a usual BLK address. This is expected.
  • Send a small of funds to a new address in your new wallet (if there are funds already in the new wallet, you didn't rename the wallet from step "i" correctly)
  • Experiment with Obsidian. Send or receive between your wallets or with others. You can send stealth payments to your own wallet using multiple addresses.
  • When you're done experimenting with Obsidian, send all unused funds back to source wallet, close Blackcoin-qt
  • Delete the wallet.dat
  • Rename wallet.dat.bak to wallet.dat
  • Open Blackcoin-qt again to verify all old funds are there.
  • Post that stealth address somewhere and start receiving payments from other Obsidian users.

Additional Notes:
1. Stealth transactions only work between Obsidan wallets. Payments are sent from one Obsidian user to another.
2. Obsidian will not work if you encrypt your key or while your wallet is locked. (This will change)
3. Obsidan wallets will stake if unlocked as the usual blackcoin.qt wallet.
4. Keep double-checking those addresses before you send as we know you always do.

Enjoy trading with Blackcoin and Obsidian.

The Black Chamber

Title: Re: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin - BLK stealth wallet
Post by: Subtuppel on April 01, 2015, 03:05:40 PM

Title: Re: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin - BLK stealth wallet
Post by: Subtuppel on April 11, 2015, 10:33:38 PM
JP Richardson published a new version of Obsidian with easy access to the developer tools after I asked him how to rescan the blockchain: (

If anyone needs to reimport transactions into Obsidian (e.g. new wallet.dat) this can be done with the command

localStorage.lastBlockCount = [first_block_to_check]
localStorage.lastBlockCount = 500000

Title: Re: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin - BLK stealth wallet
Post by: Subtuppel on June 19, 2015, 08:35:28 AM

Announcement – Custom Stealth Address Pseudonyms and The Obsidian Protocol (

Quote from: btclaw
The members of The Black Chamber are proud to announce a new feature to Blackcoin’s Wallet Obsidian: Customized stealth addresses through the use of pseudonyms! Now sending to a stealth address is as easy as sending an email!

The update for Wallet Obsidian with this new protocol can be found here: (

Why This Is A Game-Changer: Individuals, businesses, merchants can now use and advertise a name, catchphrase, brand or any custom string of characters to receive payments anonymously. Now you can choose whatever characters or numbers you wish for a customized pseudonym to receive stealth payments to a posted Blackcoin public address. As with other stealth addresses, third parties will be unable to know the amounts received by a posted pseudonym generated through Obsidian. Customary cryptocurrency public addresses are impossible to remember and often must be either copied or painstakingly inputted manually. Addresses with long strings of letters and numbers are intimidating and alienating for those unfamiliar with digital currencies. Now public addresses with easily-remembered words, names or phrases are possible and simple to implement. There are no limits to how this can be used. This unique combination of customization and privacy will be a powerful tool for merchants and advances Blackcoin’s objective of mainstream adoption.

The characters may be in any language that can be typed. For example, a user can choose a pseudonym in Chinese as 投资公司 or in English the words “InvestmentCompany” or combine them for the custom stealth address of “投资公司InvestmentCompany”.

While other coins and wallets have stealth address features, based upon our due diligence, we could not find any other coin or system that allows you to customize those stealth address features in the cryptocurrency sphere, not even Bitcoin. This pseudonym system is unique to Blackcoin. Please correct us if we somehow missed this feature in some existing coin or system.

Development of the Protocol: This feature was not possible without the skill and continuing efforts of JP Richardson. JP’s development of this unique protocol for Blackcoin allows custom stealth addresses through pseudonyms with registration, deregistration and multiple pseudonym features using characters in any language. This vanguard system for stealth addresses and pseudonyms will be known as the “Obsidian Protocol”.

How it Works: After updating Wallet Obsidian, users will see three new icons on the left side of the interface screen. There is a button that begins the process of registering a pseudonym with the network. The wallet must have at least 100 BLK to allocate for registration. Presently there can only be one pseudonym per wallet. Addresses may be in any characters or numbers that can be typed and in any language. Note that Wallet Obsidian still functions with regular stealth addresses. Realtime feedback has been added to the registration process. If the pseudonym has not been registered, Obsidian will create a pseudonym registry transaction and submit it to the blockchain. If the pseudonym has been registered or is pending, it prompts the user with an error. When sending funds to a custom stealth address, Obsidian actively scans the blockchain for transactions and detects which ones match a pseudonym registry transaction. When it finds a match, it extracts the pseudonym and stealth address information to construct the stealth address. It then places this information into a local database (file).

Deposit for Pseudonyms: To register a pseudonym, Obsidian requires a deposit of 100 BLK per alias. Presently, there is no deregistration feature and funds will not be immediately retrievable. Since stealth addresses are composed of two public keys that the user owns, the fee essentially goes to the user. Think of it like an escrow for oneself. The BLK are not burned or lost, but are “parked” at an address until they are “deregistered”. If the user ever spends the fee after registering the pseudonym, they've effectively deregistered the pseudonym. The deposit of 100 BLK per address because an amount is needed for the transaction to register on the network and so one person could not easily register a large number of pseudonyms. Note that there must be five confirmations before the alias becomes effective.

Instructions for Update Installation: If you have not already downloaded Wallet Obsidian, go to: If you have already downloaded and installed Wallet Obsidian, follow these steps: 1. Download the update. 2. Start Obsidian. 3. Click the wrench in the bottom left and in the developer tool screen 4. In the developer tool screen, type: localStorage.lastBlackCount = 710300 5. Press “[ENTER]” 6. Restart Obsidian. 7. As a test, type “jprichardson” and the address will be in green type to show a registered stealth address. This process is only for those who already downloaded and installed Obsidian. Users new to Obsidian who have not downloaded and installed the prior version do not have to follow this process.

Review of Wallet Obsidian: Previous posts regarding Wallet Obsidian and its use can be found here: ( ( ( ( (

Deregistration of Pseudonyms: A feature allowing Obsidian users to deregister pseudonym is planned with priority dependent upon community feedback.

Multiple Pseudonyms: Presently, there is only one stealth address per wallet and only one pseudonym per wallet. A feature allowing Obsidian users to have multiple pseudonyms and multiple stealth addresses is planned with priority dependent upon community feedback.

Thank You: Thanks to members of the Blackcoin Foundation and the community. Special thanks to JP and the many other developers working on Blackcoin’s various software and commercial projects. There are a lot of good people innovating with this coin and their efforts are appreciated.

Donations: Donations are very much appreciated. Following your update of Wallet Obsidian, donations may be sent to the listed custom stealth addresses.

Donations to The Black Chamber:

BLK using Obsidian: TheBlackChamber

BLK: BKpEEeNRDWX1Ph2tp49LV8Z7X8ygR2oqfS

BTC: 1DcsbBpvG9qe2QSzSMZJtb3rMZn5QbXxrE

Donations to The Black Chamber will be used for promotions and further development.

Donations to JP and Coinbolt:

BLK using Obsidian: jprichardson


BTC: 1LVQwcPVwVCshjyWaFtDc23xqiPm53cP9c

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The Black Chamber

June 18, 2015

Title: Re: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin - BLK stealth wallet
Post by: Subtuppel on June 26, 2015, 06:39:09 PM
Updated Obsidian Wallet tutorial v.0.3 (
Thanks to CryptoHyde from our subreddit (