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Title: Free 1000 - 2000 satoshis for doing a short feedback!!
Post by: EXtremeAEX on May 04, 2015, 03:26:11 AM
Free 1000 - 2000 satoshis for just filling in a short feedback form!  *ENDED

How does this works?  

1. Fill in the feedback form.

2. Fill in your XAPO address/email in the form where required. (only XAPO users to be awarded)

3. If your feedback is useful, we will award you 1000 - 2000 satoshis depending on how informative you are!!


1. What if my feedback is good and you say that it is not and don't award me?

   Ans:  We evaluate your feedback based on a few criteria:
         - Code entered correctly (what code? - It will be explained in the feedback form itself)
         - No 1 word answers like: 'yes' , 'no' or other answers, eg: 'i like' , 'it is good' , 'the design is nice'
         - Clear explanations must be given to your answers: why is it nice, why is it good...

If you find your feedback good and we found it bad, feel free to comment on this with a screenshot, or PM me for more details.

2. How to you determine the reward?

   Ans:  If we found your suggestions useful and we might use your suggestion, that is when your reward will increase. Also, we are only paying out if this is active. (check at the top of this post with the asterisk *)

Easy enough? Yes ofc! Feedback form ( <--- click here for the link!

NOTE: This is not active anymore!! You can still submit the feedback though.