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Title: [POLL] Decide the outcome of BootstrapCoin BSP market.
Post by: EmpoEX on May 08, 2015, 10:29:02 PM
Dear users of EmpoEX.

This thread is a Poll for deciding the outcome of the BootstrapCoin [BSP] situation. We are left in a position where we need more input from the community about what you want us to do for your benefit.

A short summary of the events: The BSP ICO was hosted by EmpoEX from April 6th to April 20th, the developer was paid on April 23rd. Around May 1st the market crashed after information was published regarding the coins inflated supply, at which point the market has been closed. We have kept the market closed ever since.

After investigating, we came to the conclusion that the BSP dev himself double spent or exploited his coin to gain extra coins for himself. After this, we approached the developer and had a conversation, of which the result can be read here:

We are happy to keep the markets closed forever and delist the coin, however this means that all of our users who invested end up with nothing. This is why we are creating a poll with a selection of options for what we can do to resolve the situation and to keep users as happy as possible.

We await the results of the poll.
Poll will be open for 7 days from date of posting.

Note: The action of enabling the markets could allow the coin to recover and/or for more users to exit if they please. It does not however protect the market against further double spend/inflation attacks from the developer.


#EmpoEX Team