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Title: Invest even from Cold storage ,Grow your BTC, No 3rd Party BS
Post by: btcimpact on June 05, 2015, 11:06:43 AM

                                                    AUTONO Investment Pool                                                                                                                                                       Massive Liquidity Providers, Certificate Of Impact Custodians

By providing Liquidity (just like You can provide Liquidity at Bitfinex) , Traders can confidently extend credit for goods ,Receive working capital and all round make The Business Enviroment  a JOY to participate in.

How It Works:
 The Bitcoin in Your wallet Acts as Proof and Assurance ( maybe Insurance) that , Payment will eventually be made. This is especially relevant and powerful in economies that are Highly cash based , the flow of Trade is therefore not Constrained.

When two(or more) people want to Engage in Trade they 'TAG' AUTONO , which provides them with the security they need. You as a Member of this Pool are a Custodian of 'Certificates of Impact '. These Certificates are essentially a representation(proof) of the positive Value that you are having on a person and business environment.

How does this make me Richer and Grow my BTC
How we make Crazy money from these Certificates is by charging a Custodian Fee( could be a fixed price or % of Trade). Interestingly it is not even the actual traders who are the main payers. Their  is a richer group of people who find the certificate extremely valuable.Namely;
Angels, VCs and Capital providers---- With Our Liquidity and assurance service they can sleep better at night, knowing their investment are not being constrained by Fiat systems, Slow Courts etc.
Altruists : who are happy to see a certain segment of the population uplifted.( they currently spend big Sums  on charities, Non profits etc)

Interesting FACTS

The Powerful Technology that we make use of
Public Ledger---  Because Account balances are Visible, We can provide the service without requiring a 3rd party to hold the coins
N of M Signatures---  Where appropriate signatures can be held though Multi-Signature while still putting you in control
Autonomous Agents/Contracts---- Coming In the Near future, this will be useful for arbitration

Quick FAQ

Can I really Invest, while I am still in control of my Bitcoins
Yep, this Bitcoin thing has interesting Features. Remember how exited you were when you first got into Bitcoin

What are Certificates Of Impact
They are an abstraction/ representation  of the Positive action that you have done. Example can be; You Provided trade security,  Maybe even lent some BTC without interest, arbitrated a dispute etc.

How do the Certificates Look Like
They can be a colored coins, a Numerical digit in a cryptography  chain etc

Who Issues the Certificates
Benevolent Entrepreneurs.
Check out Benevolent Entrepreneurship philosophy    for great insights.

Also They Have a spreadsheet Here

Certificate Overview

Join and Get Involved
To begin with will use a spreadsheet to track all members. To be listed Just say so here or PM me.
The target is to have $100,000 daily trade Volume. I am already doing about $12, 000 daily  trade volume. With enough Members we can become Big players.

Any Questions Just Ask Here