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Title: [ANN] Bonus Roulette - Roulette with a twist !
Post by: SRoulette on September 19, 2012, 06:16:30 AM
We at at have created a new and unique variation on the classic game roulette, BONUS ROULETTE (

2% of house takings are donated to the Jackpot.
A bonus jackpot is collected when a MAX BET lands the ball on house number 00
(regardless if the bet is a winner)

When a player places a max bet and lands the ball on 00 the jackpot is collected.

For example:
Satoshi bets max bet (2 BTC) on RED.
The ball lands on 0 0, unfortunately satoshi does not win 2x his bet.
Its not so bad though, Satoshi collects the jackpot for Even Bets.

Jackpot groupings may change, we welcome any suggestions for extra jackpots (for example 1st 12) and also feed back on this new variation of roulette.

Side notes:

* You can expect another brand new game next month :)

* We have worked out a way to players to play poker entirely over the bitcoind network (no web browser etc needed).
Code monkey has given me a quick demonstration and it is very reminiscent of playing chess by email/ post.
The system works perfectly for blackjack as well.
We plan to release this new engine to bitcoin community under the GPL