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Title: WTB BTC affiliate wallet System
Post by: MasterCATZ on July 10, 2015, 03:43:29 AM
To try and spread the word about BTC , and get some cheap advertising by having an affiliate do all the running

I am wanting to run an affiliate system that will Generate an new BTC address in my shops main wallet for every New customer this new address can be handed to them as an affiliate QR code that they can place on any form of advertisement they wish , when ever someone uses their affiliate link , their affiliate BTC address is used for the orders , from here the customer receives a % of the profits which are then transferred from the affiliate address and paid into their personal BTC address

is something like this possible ?
I am wanting this as an multi wallet system where I can store users notes like shipping address etc and see which customers  are getting me the best coverage

I was actually thinking the dev could be also paid in % of profits from sales