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Title: Dragon's Tale - Learn to play/New Freeroll Series
Post by: teppy on August 05, 2015, 12:02:51 AM
I have just released a new series of Tournaments specifically to teach new players about Dragon's Tale.

You'll be able to play three games: Silly Monkey, Shrines, and Drinking. There are prizes for having the greatest overall winnings on Shrines, the highest single jackpots in Drinking, and the greatest winnings and highest individual jackpots in Silly Monkey.

Each of the 90 tournaments (one every 8 hours, for the next month) has 18 BTM (0.018) in prizes. To make these "free," I've limited the bets to a cumulative 0.1 BTM per player per tournament, which is an amount that you can easily get for free within Dragon's Tale itself, with a bit of exploration. You can search Soldiers, scout Herbs, quaff Mineral Waters, or even make friends with established Dragon's Tale players (many of whom will gift 0.1 BTM to a friendly new player.)

Glad to answer any questions about these new tournaments.