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Title: Thank you bitcoin educators!
Post by: funkenstein on August 18, 2015, 01:34:31 PM

There seems to be a lot of talk lately with "developers" comparing the sizes of their bitcoin cocks.

How many pull requests did you have accepted in this or that software repository?  Were you the first to implement this or that protocol in this or that broken product? 

You know what?  I don't gaff. 

Are you a "core developer" ?  Do you have keys to a centralized source repository or perhaps the ability to censor this or that centralized schoolroom bulletin board? 

I still don't care. 

Some of you are in the above mentioned schoolrooms and repositories, day in and day out, telling pseudonymous noobs (like yours truly) how ECDSA, bitcoin, computers,  and the world works.  And this is what you are: bitcoin educators.   

And for this I love you.  This is the real work that is needed, and you are doing it. 

Perhaps your version of multisig or mining or z-client or whatever - is commonly used / totally broken / fantastic / abandoned.  These details are certainly interesting, from a technical and historical perspective.  However the real impact is pedagogic. 

I hope you see that. 

Yes, we need good software, and this is also a hugely important task which I am not discounting here.  But what good is a decent stack if nobody has a clue what it is or how to use it? 

We need educators of all levels.  This is what holds us back: we are not primarily in need of protocol improvements or better GUIs or whatever, but of people that have a clue.     

I'm trying my damndest not to mention names here, because you know who you are. 

It's been called God's work.  It is largely thankless and without compensation, and I for one say:  Fucking Thank You!!