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Title: For sale: beach condo near Tokyo
Post by: akasakarealestate on June 05, 2011, 05:49:31 AM
I am selling a beachcondo on the Pacific coast close to Tokyo for bitcoins: The current price is BTC 3,500, but with the current price volatility I might have to adjust the price regularly. Let's see how long it will take before the first real estate transaction is done in Bitcoins. There is no restriction against foreigners buying property in Japan, but it will be interesting to see the face of the bureaucrats when they see the transaction currency. I run a real estate company in Tokyo ( and am officially licensed. I will show my credentials and title registration to a seriously interested buyer. It is preferred if the buyer can come to our Tokyo office for the closing, but if this is not possible we can arrange the sale anywhere in the world providing all the correct documentation is provided.

Title: Re: For sale: beach condo near Tokyo
Post by: nqwi on June 10, 2011, 06:55:41 AM
Can you provide details of what equivalent Yen price you're looking for (a range is fine) and what sort of yield could be reasonably expected?

Also, in very general terms, can you provide details on taxation of rental income and capital gains in Japan and how rental income to foreigners is treated differently.


Title: Re: For sale: beach condo near Tokyo
Post by: akasakarealestate on June 10, 2011, 07:13:30 AM
I am looking for about 4 to 5 million yen depending on the legal work that needs to be done. If the transaction is done in Bitcoins I want to make sure that this is reflected in the sales contract and all the official documents so that the legality is clear. As this would be a first this would require some extra work figuring out the legal and tax consequences. Once that is done I would post all the details of this experience on this forum so that other people will be able to emulate this.

I would expect a rent of around 50,000 yen a month. However as this is a resort apartment on the beach it is difficult to get renters for the full year., but during the summer season you might be able to charge a higher rent. This translates to a gross yield of 12 to 15%. Given the maintenance cost of the place of around 18,400 yen a month and annual possession tax of 45,300 yen the net yield is lower at a still hefty 7.5%. As an investment there would be better apartments in Tokyo. But if you enjoy the beach and like a very high speed internet connection, this apartment in Chiba is unbeatable.

The tax on rental income in Japan for non-residents is nearly zero. For details about this and other issues involving real estate in Japan have a look at our Wiki (