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Title: Looking for stable trading partner with paypal or debit card to buy BTC
Post by: on October 23, 2015, 08:03:49 PM
Hi folks,

I've got an ad up on LBC: ( (thus escrow protection) but what I'm really looking for is someone who is interested in regularly buying BTC (like at least $1000 per month) via their debit card. Paypal works because you can get the Paypal Business Debit Card.

The reason I'm looking for one person is because of how I'm accepting the debit/credit card--I'm using a third party (Ria) to validate the card and person sending is legit, and they are a remittance service. I have a partner in Mexico who picks up the money and I release coins as soon as the money is picked up (or even before if we establish trust). Only problem is that Ria and all remittance services get highly suspicious when more than one or two people send money to the same person, since that is not their biz model.

Btw don't sign up to Ria yet because I have a referral link :)

As for rates, I'm willing to negotiate depending on how much you will be sending/how frequently.

If you are interested you can PM me or text or call me (leave a VM if I don't answer): 267-270-2057