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Title: Selling: Digital Artwork
Post by: z1xwitch on June 05, 2011, 09:16:37 AM
Hi there.

I work as a freelance graphic-artist, and illustrator.
Due to popular demand, I mostly do portraits of people and pets, but I am able to do all kinds of weird artwork.
You can take a look at some of my work here on my webpage: ( or on my DeviantArt profile: ( or my facebook page: (  - If you like my style.. perhaps you would like this offer:

Normally I do portraits for somewhere around $100-$200, depending on the work involved, but I'm making a special offer here.

For 1BTC, you can get a unique, hand drawn digital-portrait of a person, drawn after a photo, + my own special style, to make the piece unique!
What would you say, to a picture of your self, with a pick-axe and a ATI graphics-card, ready to do some mining for more coins? Eh?

Everything is possible… all you have to do, is toss me an email: – and accept the facts:
As soon as I get your photo in an email, your 1BTC payment, and perhaps your ideas and suggestions to the style and layout of the picture – then Ill have my hands free to shape the piece after my crazy head! I will promise you, that I won’t let you off with anything less than something I feel is my portfolio, and your BTC's worthy. I will send you a reply-mail as soon as I am ready to start work on your piece, and you can wait until then, to make the payment. But I will have to insist on getting the pay before I start drawing. When I am done, you will send you a copy of the piece, in high-resolution (1600×1200) . And a low-resolution copy, will be shown on my online portfolio.

Interested ??
I hope so..
I do this mostly for fun, and because I believe in the BitCoin, and want to see it move along to become a currency we can use to trade goods and services :D