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Title: Altcoin Ransomware ?
Post by: Spoetnik on November 11, 2015, 05:33:07 AM
Has anyone seen any Ransomware in the coin scene ?

I am hearing about this more and more in the tech News sites.
Seems to me it's loosely related and i can't help but think some of our crypto guys are doing this.

Be a good idea to watch out for sketchy wallets / miners etc (and email attachments)
I had an email sent with a virus of some kind recently sent to my address
that i used at cryptsy and a couple other places.. that rarely gets any emails ever.
It showed up as a crypto site related email trying to lure me in with some bs story.
So it was altcoin stuff related..

This to go along with mounting threats of violence, extortion and doxxing and my Cryptsy registration/trade activity details getting leaked.

Also someone tried a few times to break into my Cryptsy email account a couple months ago.
I got a pile of alerts and had to re-validate my account because of it.

Title: Re: Altcoin Ransomware ?
Post by: Spoetnik on November 11, 2015, 10:55:15 AM
And yeah as usual i can if needed verify any statement i make.

i had warnings from Microsoft about unauthorized login attempts
And this was the second wave of it.. i had a flurry of these months before too.
If you guys had that you know what i mean.
You get warnings that trigger a security validation code etc
And the attempts are recorded on MS servers.

So somebody thought they had a good chance at logging in.
Otherwise they would not have bothered trying.
I have always said.. i use Password Depot to create hard passwords.
So my passwords are super ass hard like 24 random chars etc (made by a pro password maker)
So why would someone think they could guess my password ?

What happened i would bet is one of the very few web sites i used my email to register at
using the email dumped the password and some how thought i might use the same one.
for example i register at mcxNow or Cryptsy and these guys gamble that i recycled the password.
And then go ahead and try logging in..

But i don't recycle passwords and neither should you guys ;)
Making sure to use a unique password in Crypto is as important as the password itself.

Lastly this is not the first time recently where i got some Virus email attachment sent.
It seems to happen every few months or so.
Of course i just laugh it off but it's worth pointing out there is vultures out there preying on us all.

Those RansomeWare spread through different ways..
One of the main one's is by email attachment.

To be safe people never open any email attachment from an unknown source.. duh right ?
And make sure your stuff is updated like Microsoft Windows.
Also if you use Android go Google the security issue StageFright etc and get your phone fixed/updated.

be safe .

If you don't know what RansomeWare is i highly urge Google searching it up (or Bing if your lame LOL)
(i have been seeing News at about this)

Password Depot for Windows is a Trial version but after it expires you still can use it with 24 passwords
And the Android version is free.. i tried it and it works ok :)
Funny Password Depot on Windows can encrypt your file on your PC too LOL