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Title: Open Letter to LPA
Post by: Bitcoin 100 on November 24, 2012, 07:44:02 AM
Little People of America ( (@LPANational (

This open letter is in response to our tweet to you dated Nov. 21, 2012:

@LPANational @Bitcoin100 would like to donate over $1,000 USD to your venerable cause. Please contact us to find out how to accept. #Bitcoin

Of which you so kindly replied:

@Bitcoin100 wow. that is fantastic. Thank you for thinking of LPA and our work.

After reading the below, please review to learn more about Bitcoin, or simply have one of your representatives join this forum, whereupon we will gladly address all your questions and concerns. Also, feel free to contact me, Bruno, via email at

Bitcoin 100 will gladly donate 100 bitcoins (100 BTC), approximately $1,200 USD (current exchange rate), to your venerable organization. There is only one tiny string attached prior to us contributing said donation. The caveat I speak of has already been accepted by a couple other non-profits of which I'll provide proof momentarily.

All we would ask in return is for you to embed on your website ( a Bitcoin donation option on this page of yours:

Ideally, it would look something like the following:

Donate to LPA

Little People of America, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that depends entirely on membership dues and contributions to serve people with dwarfism and their families.

In addition to our general fund, you may request your donation be used specifically for medical scholarships, college and vocational scholarships, adoption grants, or the Kitchen's First Time Conference Attendees Fund.  Other options are also available.  Please call the office or e-mail to discuss any specific concerns and options.  Click to donate online. (   Click here if you are donating in honor of an athlete or athletic event (i.e.  a local 5K, 10K). (  Click here to see images of current $50 for 50 More Years Gifts. (

By mail or fax:

Little People of America
National Office
250 El Camino Real, Suite 201
Tustin, CA 92780

Fax: 714-368-3367
Phone:  1-888-LPA-2001

If choosing Bitcoin, 100% of your donation will reach us, due to the elimination of processing fees commonly associated with every other payment provider.

Our Bitcoin address: 1LPofATXV8gjuWu24v591YmGFn828k3wZV

Feel free to re-word the above, but the important aspects are the incorporation of the Bitcoin donation button and providing an address (explained in a moment). The only other thing is that you informally agree to keep this option available perpetually. If in the future you do break this gentleman agreement between us and eliminate the Bitcoin donation option, you WILL NOT be asked to return any funds. We have faith that this will not occur, thus continually providing your organization with another source of revenue, sans the pesky fees and credit card chargebacks.


The Bitcon address above was specifically hashed by a moderator of this forum going by the pseudonym psy. (reference this post) ( Without going into too much detail about Bitcoin addresses, the one generated above has the FirstBits ( 1LPofA. Ideally, 1LPA or 1LPoA would have been better choices, but they were not available.

There's no need for you to concern yourselves with any of the technical aspects associated with Bitcoin vanity addresses. I simply added this aspect to give this proposal a personal touch, and you're more than happy to use any address you are comfortable with. Think of it as having the vanity license plate LPA on your Mini Hummer.  ;)

The following two sites (links & screenshots) have previously accepted our proposal.

Although Bitcoin 100 did not have a direct hand in ( embedding the Bitcoin donation option onto their website, to date they have received over $6,000 USD in donations via Bitcoin. I'll safely assume they enjoyed not paying the approximately $200 USD in processing fees.

Most recently, WordPress (, the 22nd largest site on the internet, starting accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

That's it in a nutshell, my friend. Bitcoin 100 hopes that you give this genuine offer your consideration.


Bruno K.