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Title: Welcome to the ......WORLD of OBITS!
Post by: CCEDKaps on December 08, 2015, 08:22:14 PM
Discover How OBITS Will Help You Make More Money While Changing the World of Finance as We Know it.

Presented by CCEDK (

 In this short presentation, you will discover how CCEDK, the Denmark based cryptocurrency exchange founded by Ronny Boesing, is going to change the landscape of finance and how you can profit from it.

 The core of our philosophy is that profits should be shared with the end users of our platform and this is why we’ve created OBITS. OBITS is a token of appreciation backed by the profits of multiple streams of income ranging from the exchange business to innovative applications of blockchain technology.


 We will first have a quick overview of what is backing the value of OBITS and then we will explore how OBITS will work for you 24h/day, 7 days a week and appreciate over time.


CCEDK  (– Crypto Currency Exchange

Differentiating Features of CCEDK:

* Instant order - BTC to fiat base with a flat 3% fee exchange commission…no matter the size of transaction. (not depending on market depth.)

* Worlds only real Bitcoin debit card NanoCard where funds are spent only when card is used and directly from your wallet on exchange. Instantly to limit volatility and unlike prepaid cards a great tool in times where Bitcoin rise in price.

* Exchange allowing anonymous trading, as well as exchange of crypto to and from fiat in which case KYC procedures apply.

* Instant order fiat deposits options available with Euro based OBT and international with Payeer. SEPA, Swift and wire transfer available using multi currency account, thereby accepting multiple currencies converted to usd, Eur or cny

* 14+ altcoins available and +50 trading pairs.

  Please answer this question:

What % of the profits of CCEDK will go toward backing OBITS?  ( World’s First Decentralized Exchange

 Differentiating Features of OpenLedger:

* Ultimate security of funds. You control your private keys.

* Advanced market operations including but not limited to trading (long and short), prediction markets, bond markets and p2p   lending.

* Transaction speed approaching the NASDAQ or any other centralized exchange.

* Users can refer other users and receive a percentage of all future transactions fees…forever!

* Please answer this question:

What % of the profits of OpenLedger will go toward backing OBITS? ( – TipBot for the Sharing Economy is a powerful marketing tool currently in open BETA. It allows forum moderators, gaming enthusiasts, social media influencers and grass root communities to tip one another and to create their own “micro-economy”. They can do so using OpenLedger native cryptocurrencies (BTC,USD,CNY,etc) or create their own community centered tokens. will have multiple streams of income connected to it, including but not limited to referral income via OpenLedger, advertising, transaction fees, etc.

 Differentiating Features of

* Self promoting feature. By the very fact of using the service, users are promoting it.

* Sustainable business model. Cost of operations is very low and the upside potential is very high.

* Will support multiple platforms such as email, social, forums, etc.

Please answer this question:

What % of the profits of will go toward backing OBITS?

How OBITS Appreciate in Value Over Time...

 OBITS are powered by ALL profits generated by our exchange network( in full and all others step by step added to the OBITS revenue stream). The profits will be used monthly to buyback the token and by doing so reduce its supply…forcing the price to go up.


Ventures backing OBITS to date in parts or entirely: (more for information right now)

*[Please visit to have breakdown of OBITS distribution]


“Where Can I Buy OBITS?”

 If you are interested in the opportunity to own OBITS and want to know more about it, Go to ( right now, scroll to the bottom and choose which option is the best for you to buy from.


If you are already a user of OpenLedger or CCEDK, you can buy OBITS from there too.



We believe OBITS is just the beginning of a second generation of innovation in the cryptocurrency space. We aim to empower individuals to experience true financial independence. To break the shackles and bondages that keep people chained to a financial system that enslave them.


Our goal is to make our services as easy to use as the legacy financial system but with the added bonus of earning from the proceeds.


We invite you to join us in this revolution, for a safer and more prosper future.

If any questions, interest for intetrviews etc, feel free to contact Ronny Boesing at

Title: Re: Welcome to the ......WORLD of OBITS!
Post by: CCEDKaps on July 24, 2016, 02:15:20 PM
5 good reasons to invest in the ICO of ICO's - ICO OpenLedger (

Title: Re: Welcome to the ......WORLD of OBITS!
Post by: BitcoinNational on July 24, 2016, 02:55:52 PM
don't you guys have you're own Steeming social media forum to spam BtS?