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Title: [WTB] Gamestop printable coupons
Post by: mattkun on December 31, 2015, 12:46:22 AM
Same as title. I seem to remember people selling them on here for $20 for $50 coupons but unfortunately I can't find them anymore. If you have any for sale at around that price please let me know. If so message me on here and how many you have. I'm looking to get a couple at first and then maybe some more next week as well.

Edit: Damn nevermind anyone reading this.  I was able to use reward certificates 1 1/2 years ago easily without any conditions but I just tried today and it seems they need to contact the account owner by email to use my reward certificates now. The owner has to reply by email. I tried all the stores within like 20 miles of me and it was a no go for all of them.