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Title: [200 GH/s] BTC.P2PCOINS.NET - New fast PPS Pool - LP, JSON API, GBT+Stratum
Post by: p2pcoins on December 25, 2012, 07:03:08 AM
                                        "Making money
                                                has never been
                                                               so easy"

Do you love money?
   Are you ready for a stable predictable income?
         Do you want to be a part of  large friendly community and receive bonuses and valuable gifts?



   - Fast, modern and stable mining pool

   - PPS payment system

   - Community of partners and friends

   - Opportunity to have unlimited income
   - Money withdrawal by any method of your choice.

Besides, we offer:

   ∙ Detailed manuals for setting and tuning your rigs.
   ∙ Online technical support
   ∙ LP
   ∙ Miner status automatic notifications
   ∙ Websockets


                    BTC.P2PCOINS.NET (http://BTC.P2PCOINS.NET)

Best regards,

Title: Re: [100 GH/s] BTC.P2PCOINS.NET - New fast PPS Pool - LP, JSON API, LP+GBT Sockets
Post by: mich on January 28, 2013, 06:48:46 AM
The pool now has the stratum protocol.

Stratum connections:

Title: 15 FEBRUARY 2013
Post by: p2pcoins on February 06, 2013, 12:35:06 PM
Our fellow miners!

30-days competition is taking place on our pool from february 15th!


It is a perfect chance to get a nice bonus even with the low perfomance equipment!

   The total prize of $1000 will be split up by 2 parts.

The first part will be divided between the miners who would find the highest amount of blocks in 30 days.

The second part is going to be shared between those who would find at least 1 block. So it's enough to find just one block to be the winner!

The reward will be distributed evenly inside each part of winners.

Table of rewards:

1st place - $300 Leaders who found the maximum amount of blocks.
2nd place - $200 For those, who found at least 1 block less than the leaders.
3rd place - $100 For miners who's blocks are 1 less than winners' from 2nd place.
4th place - $150 Miners who found 2 blocks.
5th place - $250 Miners who found 1 block.

The results of this competition will be complete at march 17. Rewards are to be added to winners' accounts on the pool.

The prizes (in BTC) will be rewarded with the MTGox $ rate on date 17.03.2013
Competition start      15.02.2013 00h:00m -  Moscow (UTC+4)
Competition end      17.03.2013 00h:00m -  Moscow (UTC+4)

Sharpen your picks and get ready to celebrate your success in the nearest pub!

Good luck!