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Title: DGB - I'm Calling The Next Bubble II
Post by: clint25n on February 22, 2016, 10:39:28 PM
I'll just start by saying, this isn't about egos or sentiments.. it's about trading tips and making money.
With that said, at least three reasons you will see good volatility (50-150%) with DGB this next 1-3 weeks.

1) DGB was listed on their first Chinese exchange today (now trading in CNY).
They are concentrating on paving the way to a high-volume Chinese trading exchanges.

2) DGB Developer will be speaking at the first in a series of 2016 International Cryptocurrency Conferences in the beginning of March (10 days away).

3) Daily trading volume really took off Oct 2015 and has not since seized. Higher highs are grouping closer together and there has been one large spike every few weeks since the beginning of January. DGB really is posting up for another breakout.. and I'm calling it. Day traders - you're welcome.  ;)

Feel free to read my January "DGB - I'm Calling The Next Bubble" thread here when DGB went from a low of 42 to a high of 106... (

Title: Re: DGB - I'm Calling The Next Bubble II
Post by: rade on February 26, 2016, 09:03:11 AM
new site launched today.

Title: Re: DGB - I'm Calling The Next Bubble II
Post by: Spoetnik on February 26, 2016, 09:15:11 AM
"it's about trading tips and making money"


It's about greedy losers who contribute nothing to crypto wanting to make a buck off of shit coins.

such as DGB.

I asked the dev why he started it early 2014..
I said buddy it's Litecoin with a different icon and a robot graphic and lots of spammy advertising..
What did he say ?
Because his coin has a "Professional" angle of sorts.
I think he was implying in comparison to Doge coin back then.
Yup.. that was his "reason" for making another clone coin.. one of THOUSANDS.


sorry i forgot you all don't give two shits how scammy a "coin" is
all you care is how much profit you can make off of it.

let me know how that works out for ya smart guys.

Your reasoning is a crock of shit.

Know what i am "calling" ?