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Title: Co-operative Experiment
Post by: silvertree on January 21, 2013, 09:07:03 PM
Calling all artists, freethinkers, and anyone seeking solutions, freedom and independence.
Help create an alternative system.

I have long believed co-operatives offer a solution and an alternative operating system to the corporate system that is taking over.

I have an idea of starting an arts and crafts co-op using silver and other alternative currencies to spread awareness,create employment,generate wealth,promote alternatives and create the solution to corporate/banker occupation.

And finally in my life contribute something positive to the cause and create a better world for my beautiful children.

I can not do this alone but have an idea ready to be sold.

Membership is voluntary we will pick who we think is most suited and offer a share in the co-op or profits according to input.

The first volunteer needed is a Video producer.
Possibly a script writer and web designer if there is any interest.

Anyone interested?

Title: Exposing the Banksters.
Post by: silvertree on January 21, 2013, 09:32:00 PM
The initial intent is to expose money for what it is and offer the proven alternative silver and of course as the project develops diverify and promote alternatives like bitcoin.
Of all the conspiracys the one most damaging and destructive that cannot be disputed is what money is and how the monetary system works.
There is a great opportunity once this is realised to empower ourselves and use the energy created by real debt free money to create a greater reality than the one we are experiencing.

We are certain that peoples need for money is the one thing that can unite most people.

Money is our energy, as it is we are being deceived of that energy.
We intend people to look at money and appreciate its beauty and usefullness and embrace the freedom it can bring.
For now.
This is what we are selling to get started. (
photo storage (