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Title: 7.00 BTC for $130 MoneyPak [Epic Coinage]
Post by: ATC777 on January 27, 2013, 11:02:36 PM
My MP --> BTC trades are fast, convenient and BS-free. For example:

How it works -- 7 easy steps ::

1) Purchase a MoneyPak card loaded with cash
2) Take a picture or scan your receipt and the MP card, showing that the back is NOT scratched off
3) Send me the pic to prove you have an unmolested, unscratched MP for the correct amount
4) I will view the pic/scan to confirm
5) Send me the code through email, Skype, phone/text or other private/secure method (bitcointalk doesn't guarantee pm privacy)
6) I attempt to load the MP to my account using the code
7) If loading of funds is successful the BTC is sent to your payment address

Contact me for more information. I'm able to provide live assistance and answer questions via phone call or text, and can be reached on skype as "atc714".



P.S. -- I also trade on Bitcoin-OTC now as "ATC777"...