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Title: Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire
Post by: Sir Lagsalot on March 15, 2016, 07:26:03 PM
Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire

I've been creating high-quality content for and about Bitcoin since early 2013.
My latest article for 99 Bitcoins on anonymity ( made the front page of r/bitcoin.
My previous article for BuyBitcoinsWorldWide, regarding the growing demand for Bitcoin (, also featured.
Prior to that, I helped Luke Jr. rename ( and create a logo for the latest version of his Bitcoin client, Knots: (


Writing about Bitcoin is more than a job for me; Iím deeply invested in this projectís success, financially and intellectually.
I believe that presenting the facts about Bitcoin in a clear and accessible way is the best possible way to promote it.

Although I write knowledgably and efficiently on a variety of subjects, my focus is on Bitcoin. I sometimes dabble in fiction ( and lifestyle stuff. (
In the past, Iíve done medical, legal and automotive writing. I sometimes write about hobbies; gaming, DIY and permaculture.
I rarely make mistakes, grammatical or factual. Iím good with information and able to simplify complex subjects or capture rapidly-unfolding events.

If you need any type of high-quality written content, contact me here to arrange further communication via email, IM, VOIP or GPG.
Regarding style, please communicate your desired tone clearly; providing examples or a style guide is the best way to achieve this.


I enjoy creating art, design, cartoons, logos and infographics. I often provide such imagery to illustrate and compliment my writing.
Iím skilled with Photoshop and working towards mastery of Illustrator. Hereís a cartoon I drew / composited to promote LocalBitcoins:
Decentralised money can stomp centralised banks and exchanges.

Bitcoin Journalism

I covered news and markets (in text and video format) for CryptoCoinsNews, first as Gordon Geeko and then as Gordon Hall (when the previous owner made us wear ties).
I wrote about 80 articles and covered a number of major stories, with help from my editors, Kyle Torpey and Caleb Chen.

Iíd say my best article for CCN was an interview conducted with Greg Maxwell in February 2014,
titled ďMt. Gox Blames Bitcoin - Core Developer Greg Maxwell Responds.Ē (
If I recall correctly, that article was read by 100k+ people over 7 days. (I await the exact figure as of this time from CCN's current owner).

If you're looking for a reporter, Iím available for opinion pieces and fresh stories; I have no interest in Reddit-recycling.
I greatly prefer working with editors who are well-versed in Bitcoin and able to judge between timeliness and perfection.

Iím currently looking for a reputable and widely-read news site to publish my exposť on a major Bitcoin Ponzi scam.

Market Coverage

As a former futures and stock trader, Iím well-versed in financial and economic matters.
I currently trade Bitcoin and a few alts on an occasional basis, via online exchanges and decentralised methods.

Creating charts to illustrate any aspect of the market is no problem:
My most recent financial writing was featured on Ofir Beigel's popular 99Bitcoins site. I composed an extensive guide to trading Bitcoin ( exclusively via fiat.
As an example, I then documented a recent live BTC trade ( which turned out nicely for myself and anyone shadowing the trade.

Technical Writing

I recently collaborated with Jordan Tuwiner in the creation of a comprehensive Knowledge Base for his site, BuyBitcoinsWorldWide.
The site shows newcomers the best way to acquire their first bitcoins. Hopefully my articles help to make any Bitcoin newbieís decision to get involved an informed one.

Distilling Bitcoin to its most essential form makes it accessible to a wide audience, however this process is challenging as it requires both technical expertise and writing ability.
Iíd say I have a broad knowledge of most aspects of Bitcoin. Iím working to deepen my knowledge of Bitcoinís function by studying various developer resources.

Iíve covered a long and fascinating list of subjects ( (a few are missing) for BuyBitcoinsWorldWide, including blockchain technology. (
Greg Maxwell again kindly assisted by explaining a few key aspects of the technology.

Hereís an image I stitched together from open source icons to illustrate a point in that guide:
 Graphics help to simplify complex subjects and improve memory retention.

If you need great writing and / or art, check my current availability in the following post...

Title: Re: Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire
Post by: Sir Lagsalot on March 20, 2016, 08:21:44 PM
Current availability: ready for new assignments.

Title: Re: Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire
Post by: Authoritai on March 10, 2017, 07:11:13 PM
I came across your post and really like your past experience, I have an opening for a freelance writer to join our team. The position is interviewing, writing an article or press release, getting approval from the client, and then creating a final version for distribution. Let me know if you're interested

Title: Re: Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire
Post by: Tonyblex on March 14, 2017, 10:40:54 AM
Hi Sirlagsalot,

I came across your profile and thought i'd post our job requirements here and see if you are interested. Contact me if you are, and we can discuss further. Thanks


We are looking for experienced casino writers to join our team, and work across our network of sites writing reviews for online casinos. We have a number of Bitcoin Casino sites, so experience in that industry is a big advantage. Our reviews are comprehensive and range from 1200-2500 words long, and we have a long list of jobs to be done so this could be a long term and profitable partnership for successful candidates.

Key Skills

Native English Speaker
Knowledge of Online Casinos, Table Games and Slot Machines
Excellent grammar
Ability to work towards deadlines
Knowledge of writing with SEO in mind a big advantage

We want succesful candidates to deliver a minimum of 5 articles per week, and there's no upper limit.

Rate of pay can be negotiated depending on quality, experience and knowledge. Succesful cadidates will be paid through Paypal. Payments will be made just once per week (on Thursday) and we will require a weekly invoice for all payments (big or small). We advise you send the invoice through on Wednesday at the latest. We do not pay on demand nor immediately after articles are delivered.

This is an ongoing project, so we require people that want regular work. We can accomodate part time writers but the bare minumum we require would be 5k words per week.

Just to expand on some points.

This is a job appplication. We will look at previous examples of your work, and those who make the shortlist may be asked to provide a sample review of a casino of our choosing to demonstrate that you can cover the topic to a high level. If we use the sample, we will of course pay for the work. If we choose not to use the content, then we will not pay for it.

Based on the sample review, previous work, and other factors, we will decide whether to offer you the job or not. (We are looking for multiple writers). Succesful candidates will be contacted and we will outline what is required for the job, along with payment details, schedules, deadlines, briefs etc.

If you are interested, please apply stating your experience (attach examples of your previous work), your availability, your level of English (we require Native English speakers only) and what rate (per word) that you would be looking for.

Kind regards,

Title: Re: Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire
Post by: firstglobal on May 24, 2017, 12:36:08 PM
I heard has a vacancy open. Try their chief editor if you are interested.

Title: Re: Experienced Bitcoin Writer and Designer for Hire
Post by: kawsone on November 22, 2017, 11:01:41 PM
Please PM me if you're still looking for work.

Thank you!