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Title: Delegates
Post by: liskozMelbourne on March 24, 2016, 06:16:22 AM
Hi guys, congratulations for being part of Lisk.

I bought my ones on day 1.

I follow this talk since day one but this is my first comment in here.

I will write in the Topic of delegates.

Because we need delegates, I will give my vote to the one who share profits with his voters (us) so in that case we also we can give away some to others to integrate them in the community,  also I will give my vote to someone who works for the good name of Lisk and his community (us and future members)

a delegate has to be someone who is not just getting rich by himself, a delegate "I suggest" should be someone with projects in mind to spread Lisk, I will suggest that delegates should consider to donate dapps to the community, for schools, hospitals, we should create dapps to fight world poverty, also providing faucets etc....

opportunities are endless, you guys (community) are some of the most clever people in the world so ideas are unlimited, so delegates I want to encourage you to work along with Max and Oliver and the Lisk community to bring this project to a whole new level, if we work and push this together Lisk, like in the ICO, Lisk will go far an above our imagination and our expectations.

so if you want my vote I'm happy to support you, if you commit yourself for the community, well you have my vote, if any of you are in Melbourne Australia well lets do it. may be we can do this as a team.

have a good day guys!!!!1