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Title: selling Rift account and STEAM games
Post by: namrog84 on June 10, 2011, 10:32:12 PM
Selling my Rift account,
1 BTC or best offer

It currently has no time left on it.  Only ever had low level characters, basically this is just to avoid buying it in store/online

Other games include (these are to be gifted, not attached to steam account right now)
Half life 2  (2 copies)
half life 2:  episode 1 and 2
HL2 deathmatch
left for dead 1 and 2
portal 1 (2 copies)
Team Fortress 2
I will buy ANY steam game that you want. I am trying to get BTC anyway I can.
Will do any labor/work that you require that I am capable of, I am highly skilled in many things.

Since I am a new member, I am willing to send first, so long as you have at least a little reputation(consistent screenname).
I have used this screenname for over 10 years, so I can verify through other means.

Also would be interested selling itunes(or Steam) $ gift (small amounts)(or specific app/game) in exchange for BTC of equivalent market-ish rates.