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Title: Bootup & BIOS Question
Post by: ||bit on June 11, 2011, 07:50:45 AM
Hi there. I'm new with the bitcoin community. I haven't done any mining, but wanted, built a system. Just one thing has me hung up is that it won't get to the BIOS screen.

An error says it can not find a boot device, and then asks to hit any key to reboot. But I thought having a drive was not needed to enter into BIOS mode. Afterall, doesn't BIOS on the MoBo or in the CPU independent of any boot devices or drives? BTW: There is no HDD or optical/CD drive installed. However, there is a brand blank SSD installed which I would be classified as a boot capable device or drive.

Things I have NOT tried (becuase I'm tired since it's late) are verifying the SSD drive is connected properly. Connecting a blank USB to act as a potential boot device. Changing the SATA port the SSD drive is connected to....

The Mobo:

Other stuff installed: 1 x SSD Drive, 2 x 2G DDR3 RAM, 1 x Anthlon II CPU... 2 x Radeon graphics cards.

Any help in educating me on this would be appreciated.



Title: Re: Bootup & BIOS Question
Post by: Oldminer on June 11, 2011, 09:04:29 AM
Ok the manual for this board is here

To enter the BIOS start tapping the 'del' key as soon as you power it on. In the BIOS, under 'Standard CMOS Features' you should see your SSD listed. If not, check your cabling. Under 'Advnaced BIOS Features' you can set your SSD in the boot order.

And no, you dont need a HDD connected to access the BIOS.

Title: Re: Bootup & BIOS Question
Post by: ||bit on June 11, 2011, 10:47:37 AM
Thanks OldMiner!
I checked it and it worked exactly as you described... and the SSD was recognized. Thanks for the link to the manual. I should have thought about looking in the maual. :P

Now to figure out how to get Linux on there. I saw there was a link for LinuxCoin, so, I mightl try that...but was hoping to load up Ubuntu since it has a GUI. I think I saw a link somewhere (not on bitcoin) on how to put Ubuntu on a USB stick... then to the SSD somehow... Then maybe do some mining with you guys.

Thanks again!