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Title: Free Surebet! (arbitrage bet) Guaranteed profit, no chance to lose! 4.8% Profit
Post by: DarkStar_ on June 01, 2016, 09:28:54 PM
Found a little surebet, but my bitcoin is tied up in another arb right now and won't be available for another few hours, so I figured I would share it instead of letting it go to waste. The surebet gives a nice ROI of 4.8%, which is decent if you bet larger amounts. A few risk free dollars couldn't hurt, right? After all, your bitcoin will only be tied up for a few hours.

Now for the bet:
Guatemala +0.25 @ 3.38 on Directbet mBitCasino:
(Directbet removed it)
Venezuela (n) ML @1.519 on

Place 68.99% of your bet at nitrogensports, and 31.01% of your bet at mBitCasino. Enjoy!
If Guatemala wins or ties, you win 104.8138% of your bet. If Venezuela wins, you win 104.79581% of your bet.

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