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Title: Mining correct or wrong?
Post by: valve on June 11, 2011, 10:41:53 AM
I am trying to mine with two 5830 cards and I am wondering if what I am doing is correct or not. I have my cards connected with the two crossfire cables (crossfire enabled in CCC) and have two miners registered with deepbit. I red that you have to connect your monitor to each card so you can setup your different miners. I have tried connecting my monitor to my second video card after setting up my first miner but my monitor just says DVI no signal and then the monitor goes blank. If I set up both miners using DiabloMiner the KH per second goes down to around 200k but if I run just one miner it goes way up to 350k-400k. running windows 7 32 bit

Title: Re: Mining correct or wrong?
Post by: michaelmclees on June 11, 2011, 02:48:31 PM
You have some newbie issues.  First, you'll want to understand that each 5830 is it's own GPU, the first one will be device 0 and the second is device 1.  You can run them in Crossfire mode while only having the monitor connected to the first one.  That's the whole point of Crossfire.  So you're seeing no signal on one of your monitors because you've set up the system in a single monitor setup.

Now, if you open up Catalyst, you'll see a deal called Overdrive.  Click it and make sure that Windows is seeing both cards.  You'll be able to adjust them separately if everything is appropriately set up.  Now when you run your miner, you need to use 2 cmd prompts and make the command line the same for both of them... except which device is being used.  Use device 0 for one and device 1 for the other.

In all honesty, I'd run to Radioshack and pick up some resistors to make a dummy plug.  It makes life so much easier having Crossfire turned off.  Just remember to extend your monitor to the second card.

Title: Re: Mining correct or wrong?
Post by: valve on June 11, 2011, 07:50:18 PM
So if I get a dummy plug will I have to connect to the other card to set it up for mining? If so I cannot do that till I figure out my problem with that other card, for some reason the last two days when I try to run diablominer when connected to that monitor my computer freezes.