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Title: [Free] Get Your High Quality VPS FOR FREE!!
Post by: Kendji on June 29, 2016, 06:12:24 PM
Hi Members,

It's Kendji here

Are you getting bored with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud? Etc. Let's try something new here!

1- Go Here:

They offer $300 Credit To New Users.

2- Sign Up. They require phone verification in order to make account. But don't worry, It can be passed easily!

3- Go to Billing>Payment method> Select Paypal.
Paypal: Verified Account Required. They won't charge anything here.
Credit Card: They'll charge 1$ as Pre-Auth.
So, I'll recommend using Paypal.

4- Ok, Great You're Done! Now grab your desired VPS.

Thank You! It's time to use all our VCC's and Paypal again! Thanx

Let me know if you like it

If you've any Problem PM ME / REPLY HERE