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Title: What are some things you would like to see in a new sportsbook?
Post by: imardern on March 19, 2013, 02:20:55 PM
Hi folks,
I am partnering with a couple of developers I know and a friend to create a new sportsbook. Although the limits will start out quite small (probably .50BTC) I wanted to know what you all would like from a sportsbook. I personally am a member of Heritage Sports and honestly they blew me away with customer service so I know that is one of my biggest priorities. One of the most obvious options I am considering is reduced juice such as Heritage's -108 side lines. I want to know though what other creative ideas you guys all have. Also would incorporating both bitcoins and litecoins be a good idea (meaning would anyone here actually bet with litecoins instead of bitcoins)? I am not looking to make hoards of money here and I'm sure I won't, honestly I want to create a book that isn't too big in numbers but connects very well with its customers. Like the experience I have had personally with Heritage.