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Title: WTS Audio-Technica AD900X headphones, Aune T1 DAC, Amperex 7308 tube
Post by: sonikku13 on July 16, 2016, 10:56:35 PM
Audio-Technica AD900X headphones - $95 + shipping in BTC.
Used. Comes with headphones only. Basically selling this pair of headphones because I side-graded to a pair of AKG Q701 headphones and love the little bit of extra detail the AKG Q701 headphones pick up compared to these current ones. Shipping in a large flat-rate box.

Aune T1 DAC - $115 + shipping in BTC.
Used. Still sounds great with the Amperex 7308 tube below. Will not come with a tube unless requested with the stock tube for $20. This is why I am advertising it as an Aune T1 instead of an Aune T1 Mk. 2. Honestly, I recommend going with the tube below, it sounds so good. Comes with DAC only unless purchased with a tube. Shipping in a medium flat-rate box.

Amperex 7308 tube - $45 + shipping in BTC, $40 if purchased with Aune T1 DAC above.
Used tube, still sounds great though. I want to go back to solid state, because even though tubes sound better, they also only last for a good 10,000 hours before you need another tube... Shipping in a small flat-rate box if purchased separately.

I apologize in advance for the crappy quality pictures, but all I got is a 5 MP Surface Pro 3 camera. Stupid group home won't allow me to have a phone, which has a better camera, and I'm not paying for a camera. :(

Pictures below.!AnzY9qDPx1rsg6NuwPFTJyFKTEfrYw (!AnzY9qDPx1rsg6NuwPFTJyFKTEfrYw)

These products are also listed on Head-Fi, but they are more expensive there. This forum gets a slightly cheaper rate because I'm assuming there's less demand for audiophile components here. ( (