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Title: WTS Custom Vinyl Stickers
Post by: Woodcock36 on March 21, 2013, 12:07:23 AM
Hey Everybody,
    I recently got a new job working for a local sign shop to cure my boredom. One of the perks is being able to create custom stickers. If anybody wants anything custom made I will work for bitcoin. Seeing as these are custom jobs, each one will be priced accordingly, but I will work with anyone who is willing to work on coming up for a fair price. I would prefer it if you created the vector, but I will create in my spare time. Mods, I am not sure if this goes in goods or services because I will be doing a service, but providing goods. So anybody wanna give me a shot? I don't have any samples to show as of yet because I have been working on existing work for the time I have been there.

If you're a member in good standing I will take payment after delivery, if you're new/I can't find anyone who has traded or sold to you in the past we will discuss.