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Title: Hong Coin_First Man Machine Teaming Venture Fund
Post by: CoinManiac1 on August 10, 2016, 11:04:14 AM
Welcome to the New Beginning: DO & Man+Machine Teaming

Cryptocurrency can be part of our real life, by being coded into smart devices, and linked to business operations and even social good. However, the DAO's experience, designed as an autonomous organization that was supposed to run investment activities administered by smart contracts, proves to be "too human" by the most recent acts from community in response to the exploit in its smart contract. Despite the best efforts, it shows that machines are not adaptive enough for the complexity of real world.

Thus, in order to make a successful and viable system, man and machine should well collaborate to best perform the advantages of each, instead of surrendering to each other. Human should do human's work, and machine should do machine's work.

Hong Coin is created in this spirit, as a venture fund on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a Decentralized Organization(DO), meanwhile being manageable and accountable, by using Man+Machine Teaming(MMT) design. This spirit is enforced through publicly verifiable smart contracts enabling token(Hongcoin) issuance to investors and putting collective voting power in their hands, and a team supporting daily operations and portfolio management for the Hong Coin community. Using this design, Hong Coin can reach the highest level of performance with unprecedented levels of security, manageability and transparency.

We believe the future cryptocurrency will be fuelling the whole connected society and linking distributed elements together. It is not about vision correct or wrong, it is about near and far. From near to far, we ask for the community to join us to make a new beginning together.

Hongcoin ICO will commence on Aug 13th, 2016. Visit our site and join our Slack channel to find out more:

How It Works

Here is an illustration of How Hong Coin works using MMT:*d93aNl1xFUXClg2tUBNmwA.png

Here is the whitepaper. You can have a look.


In the meantime, join slack and start claiming bounties.

Hong Coin Bounty Scheme ver 1.0

If you have made explicit actions falling into the following categories, you are winning #HONG coins(Unit Ħ):

GitHub issue raising (20 Ħ)
publish blogs/ articles for Hong Coin (20 Ħ)
recommend to a community with responses (20 Ħ)
active Slack conversations (20 Ħ/week)
retweet @hongcoins' tweet or write tweet about #hongcoin or recommend @hongcoins (5 Ħ)
volunteer to validate above sharing (100 Ħ/week)
If you have made such contributions, please come to to claim your bounties and there will be volunteers validate your works, then prepare to issue future coins.

Here is the link

If you have any questions, I can try to reach the dev to answer them... Thx and Happy Bounting :)

Title: Re: Hong Coin_First Man Machine Teaming Venture Fund
Post by: BitcoinLady on August 29, 2016, 11:31:24 AM
ICO is in progress! (