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Title: Double my Freicoins! The FRC pyramid game.
Post by: dego on March 27, 2013, 01:02:19 PM
Due to the lack of possibilities to buy things with our Freicoins, I set up a little Freicoin pyramid game. So we have at least a little incentive to make transactions on the FRC network.

Min. payment: 1FRC
Max. payment: 25FRC
Fee: 5%

Adress to send FRC to: 18sj5EHjb2qYkfWA5dXzyGucP4ey7DNJus

You can find the game here: ( (Google Spreadsheet)

Please read how it works and read the rules before doing anything!

How it works:
1. players send a small amount of Freicoins (1 - 25) to 18sj5EHjb2qYkfWA5dXzyGucP4ey7DNJus from their Freicoin client
2. all payments get listed in the order they where recieved
3. as soon as the double amount of the first payment is in the pot, player will be paid out the double amount of his initial payment, minus a 5% fee
4. game continues until the round ends
5. when the round ends, the last player on the list will recieve what's left in the pot, minus a 5% fee

1. Read the How-it-works-section and all rules before doing anything
2. All players know that this is a Ponzi scheme game (read on wikipedia, if you don't know what that is)
3. Payments below 1FRC will be kept without being doubled, payments above 25FRC will be sent back immediately, minus a 5% fee
4. Only send payments from your freicoin client
5. The OP is not always on, so be patient.
6. This game is for fun. Don't expect to get rich!

If you have questions, feel free to ask...