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Title: Looking for GPU & CPU Hash-rates (for mining XMR & ETH/ETC)
Post by: GabryRox on September 07, 2016, 01:54:15 AM
Hello… I am new to the altcoin scene and am trying to ascertain if I can make a reasonable profit by building a decent GPU rig.  I have been researching components and plan on posting my proposed set-up here in detail before pulling the trigger, as I would like to get opinions from experts before putting down that kind of money.

But, before posting that detailed systems mockup, I wanted to see if there was any way of obtaining hash rate estimates for a handful of GPUs that I have been looking at.  I have found what appears to be a good profitability calculator at coinwarez but I only know 2 of the 3 required pieces (watt usage & electricity rates) and have not been able to find a good source for expected hash rates.

Before listing the GPUs though, I wanted to mention that I plan on using MinerGate… probably on a Windows 10 build… and at least for now, mine primarily Monero & Ether.  I know that there are other alternative miners but I they seem a bit too technical for me to easily use. I have been running MinerGate for over a week just on my 3 PCs and like the easy to use interface.  However, if there is a dramatic difference in productivity, I would be open to considering alternate miners.

CPU:  my current desktop has an old 2nd gen Intel i7-2600k processor. When I mine Monero with 7 or 8 cores on this machine, I usually pull about 115 H/s. Note that this machine does NOT have a qualified GPU in it, so my results are solely from that old processor.  This is right in line with the benchmarks below, but this is obviously a very old list so doesn’t have any of the more recent hardware.

When I try to mine Ether on this PC, the results are abysmal… most likely because I believe that mining either at decent rates is much more GPU-dependant than Monero.

I can get Intel processors at ~50% off, so I was originally looking at am i7-6800 for about $220 but then I realized that would require an 1151 socket as opposed to the more common 1150, so I may opt for the i7-5820K for about $180 instead. The benchmarks don’t seem to show significant difference between these 2, so thinking saving $40 here and another $40 on a cheaper MoBo may be the way to go.

So, the question here is, approximately what hash rate could I expect from the i7-5820K (or similar)?

GPUs:  So, I have primarily been looking at are of the RX470 variety…

MSI 8GB @ $240

Saphire 4GB @ $210

Gigabyte 4GB @ $200

These all seem to be similar in specs but seems like the 8GB may provide a bit of extra processing power… not real sure though.  But they all seem to pull 110W.

Can anyone provide estimated hash rates for these for mining both Monero & Ether?  Even if you are not using MinerGate, any actual user data would be helpful at this point.

Finally, I also would consider other GPUs if they have a better power-wattage-price ratio. To that end, I saw these recommended somewhere:

EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 @ $120

These are half the price and half the GB, but will they also only produce approximately half the hash rate?

Any hash rate data for the GPUs I mentioned above (in relation to XMR or ETH/ETC), or any other highly recommended GPUs would be greatly appreciated!  Also, I assume these rates would be scalable… meaning that if a single GPU produces a XMR hash rate of 600 H/s, then 2 would produce 1200 and 3 would produce 1800?

My intention is to get a MoBo that supports 5-6 GPUs, but only buy 2-3 at first to make sure it is profitable once up and running.  If it is, then I would possibly add another 2-3 GPUs to maximize that profit.  I do realize that returns will diminish at some point, but if I cannot easily convert to mining other altcoins at a profit, I will just transform this system into my new main PC and sell the extra GPUs.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Title: Re: Looking for GPU & CPU Hash-rates (for mining XMR & ETH/ETC)
Post by: Mugatu on September 07, 2016, 07:11:37 PM
750Ti gets about 250h/s mining XMR

Title: Re: Looking for GPU & CPU Hash-rates (for mining XMR & ETH/ETC)
Post by: gooduser173 on September 08, 2016, 12:39:52 PM

let me start with AMD R9 390 gives 30mgh on average:
nicehashminer: (
genoil miner with proxy:

and together with RX470 this rig gives 50mgh on average (2 GPU: AMD R9 390 and new RX470): (

Hope it helps and interesting

Title: Re: Looking for GPU & CPU Hash-rates (for mining XMR & ETH/ETC)
Post by: GabryRox on September 08, 2016, 05:38:54 PM
Thanks Mugatu, that's not bad considering how cheap those cards are. Still though, I think for me it would make more sense to go with more powerful GPUs, but still looking for Monero experiences with 470/480's.

That's a nice looking rig gooduser173... so, if I understand correctly, you were getting 30 MH/s running the R9 390 alone, and now 50 MH/s after adding the RX 470?  So, logically you could say that the RX470 is giving you about 20 MH/s, correct?  This seems to be in the ballpark of what I have seen for Ether mining with 470's on a few other threads here... about 20-25 with no tweaking and possibly closer to 30 with tweaking.

I looked up the specs on that 390... does that thing really pull 275W??  If so, what would be the upside of using that vs 470/480s that pull only 110W?  Sure, it is getting 50% more hash rate, but it is also consuming well more than twice the power.  Don't get me wrong, I am not criticizing your rig at all as I know you already had the 390 but if starting from scratch like I am, wouldn't it make more sense to build a rig as follows:

3x 470's:  consumes 330W and produces 60 MH/S


1 470 & 1 390:  consumers 385W and produces 50 MH/S

Just trying to understand all the nuances of this before making a purchase.

Also, still hoping to find some hash rate experiences/estimates for 470/480's with a 5th or 6th gen Intel i7 x800K chip for Monero specifically.  Something like this table at the link below would be great but as you can see, this version is relatively old as it does not have any of the recent hardware I am looking to benchmark included:

Title: Re: Looking for GPU & CPU Hash-rates (for mining XMR & ETH/ETC)
Post by: herrdrone on September 09, 2016, 11:55:16 AM
Hi, I have buit this website:
Some bechmarks (GPU & CPU) are from this source:

However, everyone is welcome to submit benchmarks  8)

Title: Re: Looking for GPU & CPU Hash-rates (for mining XMR & ETH/ETC)
Post by: miningchamp93 on June 27, 2018, 12:29:34 PM
U can find  hash rate for above Models at