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Title: Chase QuickPay
Post by: EPiSKiNG on June 14, 2011, 02:12:28 AM
I sold some coins to johnatanD on #bitcoin-otc and was paid $480 via Chase QuickPay.  As soon as the payment came through and was credited in my account, my account was frozen.  I immediately called the 800 # and was asked several questions about previous transaction history, which I answered.  At the end of the call I was told my account had been closed and that I would receive a check in 15 days.  I asked under what reason this was occurring only to find that they weren't required to give me an answer.  Rather perturbed that my sale at $30 per coin was causing me so much trouble, I marched down to the branch I bank at and spoke with the banker and manager there who told me that the sender had been involved in "some sketch activity".  They were both extremely helpful, and are "working" on getting me another account (off the "blacklist").  They paid out what money I had in the account, and I left.  

Not sure what to think about this whole thing... I don't see how Chase (c,sh,w)ould reverse/nullify a QuickPay when someone has the money in their account to be able to send.  MUCH LESS closing MY account for receiving the money.  I walked across the street and opened an account at Citibank.

I used Chase QuickPay routinely before this issue between my girlfriend and a couple of Vegas buddies...

Thoughts?  --- E-mail with the QuickPay.


Title: Re: Chase QuickPay
Post by: Garrett Burgwardt on June 14, 2011, 02:18:24 AM

You'd been warned