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Title: GNU/Linux, hosting and other web services for BitCoins
Post by: neofutur on November 07, 2010, 07:13:03 PM
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Hi all, bitcoin traders and users,

 If you ever need :

 And much more . . .

Feel free to contact me for a quote  I now accept bitcoins, namecoins and litecoins, ask for a quote!

more on me

 I m french but currently live in Peru for more than 3 years now, so my tariffs are pretty cheap.
 Most of my customers are in Europe and japan, mtgox being one of my customers.

 My professional website is in spanish : (
 Feel free to contact me for more information.

 You can find me on  IRC #bitcoin-hosting on the freenode server (

 For trust concerns, find my PGP key and Web of Trust in my signature here, or on
 See also my OTC ratings :

PS : This topic is locked, dont try to answer here you wont be able to post, contact me for questions, private message here or on the IRC
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Title: Best CDN offers
Post by: neofutur on December 01, 2010, 09:08:00 PM
 I had questions on the IRC concerning my CDN offers.

 First, what is a CDN :

 A CDN is mostly useful for big websites with much traffic and too many images, js, css files , the CDN will serve static files from different servers in the world, choosing the nearest server to the user requesting the static file.

 I m using google AppEngine to setup your CDN, the Appengine is free under those daily quotas :
  • 6.50 CPU hours
  • 1.00 GBytes outgoing bandwidth
  • 1.00 GBytes incoming bandwidth
  • 1.00 GBytes stored data
  • 2,000 send emails

 I ll only charge you the setup of the CDN, after that its all free !

 This solution is great, and free, but pretty difficult to setup , my service is to make the appengine setup for your own CDN, I have 2 offers :

  • : static appengine CDN setup, and I show you how to update your cdn, sending new static files to the cdn
  • : dynamic appengine CDN setup, using a homemade reverse proxy solution , the CDN will automatically get the static files on your website server once, and then serving them as a static CDN file.

 After you pay me the CDN setup work, you just have to use and enjoy your own free CDN ( http://static.yourdomain.tld or http://cdn.yourdomain.tld ), but if you go past the appengine quotas above you will still have to pay for additional CDN resources use :

Resource Allocations:
  • Resource          Budget    Unit Cost          Daily Free Quota
  • ---------          -------    ----------          ----------------
  • CPU Time          n/a       $0.10/CPU hour       6.50 CPU hours
  • Bandwidth Out       n/a       $0.12/GByte       1.00 GBytes
  • Bandwidth In       n/a       $0.10/GByte       1.00 GBytes
  • Stored Data       n/a       $0.005/GByte-day    1.00 GBytes
  • Emails sent       n/a       $0.0001/Email       2,000.00 Emails

 The free quotas are enough to serve permanently 5 to 10 requests/second with normal size static file

Finally an example of uptime for this kind of CDN :

and ping to the CDN from different locations in the world :!

Title: Best Mail Offers
Post by: neofutur on December 01, 2010, 09:39:45 PM
 For the mail services I mostly use google hosted solutions.

 Here again I ll only charge for the setup , and after that its free for use.

 With this google hosted setup you get :

* 50 email accounts @yourdomain.tld
* each email account is like a gmail account, but @yourdomain.tld , each account have 7 GB storage space
* POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS, forwarding, alias, catchall, mailing lists, shared calendars and documents, chat and more ( all the important email features you ll never find on hotmail or yahoo bad mail services )
* you get an admin control panel to create new accounts, lists, add services, setup a catchall email . . .
* google hosted antispam is one of the best in the world

 I charge for the setup of your email system, I ll need the control on your DNS services ( the advanced DNS management at your registrar control panel for the domain name to setup emails )

Title: Disaster Recovery Offers
Post by: neofutur on December 01, 2010, 09:58:54 PM
 There s a disaster with your website or dedicated server ?

 You been hacked, the server is compromised ?

 Your server wont reboot ? apache or mysql is dead ?

 Thats the best part of my job, saving you when everything seems lost.

 A typical offer is for a dead/compromised server with many services and websites on it, I ll get back all the data and migrate everything to a new and secure server within 48 hours for more or less

Title: Secure bitcoin trading and wallet hosting
Post by: neofutur on June 20, 2011, 08:14:34 AM
4 new services for bitcoin users:

* Secure backup of your wallet.dat :

  your wallet.dat will be hosted on 3 different servers, on 3 different datacenters in 2 different countries
  hosted on secure gentoo hardened ( grsecurity ) GNU/Linux servers ( scp/sftp only ) in big and serious datacenters.

* Secure hosting of your bitcoin client :

 bitcoind by ssh, no generate possible ( or much much more expensive if you want generate option )

* Secure hosting of your irc client :

 for trading on IRC #bitcoin-otc
 ssh, screen, irssi

* Secure hosting of your goxsh client ( see ) :

 This way you can access your goxsh from anywhere with ssh and its up nearly always ( more or less 2 server reboots / year )

* bitfolio manager :

 managing your wallet for you, long term investment or daytrading options.

PS : for trust concerns check my OTC wot :
and my GPG wot :