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Title: SecuCoin Distro
Post by: beyondnotion on June 15, 2011, 01:47:42 AM
I had an idea for this concept a couple of months ago when I was thinking about running my own Bitcoin ATM drive through bank.

Run a computer with some kind of secure linux distro. Tiny core would be a good base to work from since its one of the most lightweight distros.(Only 10 MB or so!)

Run the standard stable bitcoin server with every port blocked except the ports need by the bitcoin server.

Tiny core runs completely in memory so if some one were to try and compromise the machine and it lost power then everything would be permanently erased. No trace. In order for your wallet to be recoverable, enable a script that periodically encrypts your wallet and sends it a remote databank, like google docs, drop box, ect. Do not use hard drives.

Install SSH but use key based authentication with a password needed to unlock your private key. This would allow you access to your machine from any terminal on your local network. Disable password logins and make sure the ssh port is blocked from outside access.  

Connect the headless server to your Ethernet, never use a wifi network!

Also connect the pc to a back up power supply and surge protector.

Hope this helps!

PS: I'm thinking about making a linux distro based off of this called SecuCoin.

Title: Re: SecuCoin Distro
Post by: beyondnotion on June 15, 2011, 03:03:07 AM
Does anyone know a good site to host Distros? I know sourceforge.

Title: Re: SecuCoin Distro
Post by: saqwe on June 15, 2011, 12:29:51 PM
Maybe launchpad?

Title: Re: SecuCoin Distro
Post by: myrm on June 15, 2011, 12:42:28 PM
I think it would work much better as a 'Live CD' distro that makes securing wallets easy for everyone. Some thoughts:

At it's most basic level I think it would need to accomplish the following for users:

1) On startup it asks them to insert their secure media. In plain language of less than a couple of lines it should inform them that they should never use that media on any machine they haven't booted with the secure distro live cd or similar.

2) If the secure media has an wallet on there and it's encrypted ask them to unlock it. If it has more than one maybe they can choose which to use.

3) Let them back the wallet up to other media, telling them that if the lose the media they'll lose everything stored on there, including the coins.

4) Let them transfer money out and see the current balance of their wallet.

That's probably all I would let it do. The most basic things possible. I would have all incoming and outgoing networking restricted to the bitcoin protocol.