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Title: Private place to keep my own central transaction history?
Post by: leegethas on April 12, 2013, 07:37:09 PM
Since the bitcoin boomed, I remembered I still had a few left. I bought those to pay for a vip account on So, I fired up my Bitcoin-QT and it had to download over 600 days of transaction history. This took almost a week and that seems ridiculous to me. Now I also have to fire up my wallet regularly, to keep it in sync. And that seems even more ridiculous.

Of course there are wallets that offer a central history and don't need to be synced, but they usually charge higher fees for every transaction. So, I was wondering. Since bitcoin is open source, why isn't there an option to have my own central history and configure Bitcoin-QT to use that history, instead of downloading it's own? I have my own FreeBSD server running 24/7 anyway. I would love it if I could run a bitcoin-daemon in my own server that would always be up-to-date and configure my wallets to use that history. Since it's only the history, that is public information anyway, there shouldn't be any security issues. And it would save me a lot of time and efford to keep my various wallets is sync, by downloading the history on all those individual devices.

Maybe this is possible already, but I don't know about it? If so, please tell me how? If not, can this please be a feature in a future release?