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Title: [ANN] [GCR] New! GameCredits Mining Pool @ [ANN]
Post by: YaYMiner on January 23, 2017, 11:21:03 PM (

I have setup a [GCR] GameCredits pool and at first we had done this as little a side project but we transfered our domain to our servers and made it fully public. Details from my pool page are below:

Welcome to our GameCredits Mining Pool, this server is in a state-of-the-art data center located in New York, USA.

We are only charging a 0.5% Pool fee to help maintain our servers.

Pool Information:
Algorithm: Scrypt
Reward Method: PPLNS (we choose this algo because it offers the best payouts over the long run and it also discourages pool hoppers)
Difficulty Method: VARDIFF or Set Difficulty

These servers will always be up and running so you have no need to worry about your coins, we use state of the art data center servers using Xeon Processors backed up with full DoS protection. Your coins will be safe!!

We have a love for cryptocoins so this is why we wanted to start up some mining pools and we do have more in the works. We have a Litecoin pool running but have not made the adjustments to make it public yet, and we plan to add more. If you have a suggestion for a coin please let me know and i will look into adding it.

Happy Mining :)

Please contact me @ if you have any question, i will be happy to help. (