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Title: Guide To Make A $200+ On BitcoinTalk Forum!!
Post by: BitcSeo on February 28, 2017, 03:42:42 PM
Before that, please, read up one of my thread posted here (  8) 8)

=>I've compiled same technique and strategies that actually pulled $200+ in bitcoins into my wallet on same day! :o<=

Please, check the attached snapshopon the other thread; the indicated date,timeframe,this snapshop was taken

The question now is can i really get BITCOIN on bitcointalk forum or do i need to keep purchasing bitcoin & wait for increment in exchange rate?

Well, the answer is Yes & NO

Yes, because you can purchase and wait for the exchange rate to increases. Right, now there is an increase in exchange rate. So, it will be good if, you can start gettting some bitcoin now that there is an increase in exchange rate!!

No, because it will be unwise to buy now,that there is an increase in price. You profit margin will be low after deducting the cost of purchase!

Marketing on bitcointalk work but, be prepare to do your home work!

In my guide i have outline the different method on how to create & bump your thread within specific days when demand & click-through for services are high!

I have also included how to optimize your thread for google search engine. You need to think outside bitcointalk forum.
I'll show you proof of newbies who actually purchase my services - such queries are from search engine - one of such customer's actually told me via PM that he is new to bitcoin and that he actually stumbled across one of my thread through google.

So you goal is to use forum => To Reach your prospect who are searching for your product's/services on google. I never believe it myself that i could be making such an amount of money here considering the number of times that my marketing plan has failed on this forum. :o

Price : $50 in bitcoin

NOTE : The snapshot above is just from one of my wallet b/c i'm using 3 different wallet. In addition to customer's who prefer's payment via paypal.


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Title: Re: Guide To Make A $200+ On BitcoinTalk Forum!!
Post by: superiorus on February 28, 2017, 03:56:52 PM
I can take a review copy, test your product and post a fair feedback.
If you want to offer a vouch copy, send me a PM with the infos.

Title: Re: Guide To Make A $200+ On BitcoinTalk Forum!!
Post by: asuryan180 on February 28, 2017, 04:35:43 PM
Seems interesting,actually I've been researching marketing and other strategies recently so it would be really nice if I can take a vouch for this and review it since I think I will be able to provide full understanding and explanation of the concept.Thanks