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Title: Compliance Hurdles for Licensed Gaming Operators when Accepting Bitcoin (Pt2)
Post by: Payment21 on March 03, 2017, 04:38:37 PM
In this post, we continue looking at the case study on the benefits of bitcoin payouts for the gaming industry that PaymentEye just published. PaymentEye is a leading resource site in the global payment sector.

According to the case study, the following are the benefits that gaming merchants get out of using a regulated bitcoin payment processor like Payment21:

● Increased volume and accelerated cash flow.
● Higher deposits from new customer segments.
● Merchant expansion across all jurisdictions and serving new regions.
● Additional business due to marketing buzz in the Bitcoin community.
● No exposure to bitcoin volatility because of real-time exchange with legal tender.
● Savings in payout fees: 1% compared to significantly higher fees of competing
● Zero consumer fraud because of no chargebacks.
● Lowering of the minimum payout threshold.
● Technology-driven solution supporting merchants to enter the cryptocurrency space
using regulatory intelligence and mitigating risk.
● Payouts done in real-time or via batch processing in delayed-mode.

In the next post, we focus on cost-benefit analysis.
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