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Title: selling Bitcoin Jackpot Game site (Tom VS Jerry)
Post by: markabi on March 18, 2017, 01:52:02 PM

I'm selling bitcoin Jackpot website which allow users to join a team and support it to be winner.

Site url :

The Game :
The winner team (the one with more bitcoins) break the loser one and all its bitcoins plus the jackpot.
At the end of the round these bitcoins are shared by all players who invested into the winner team.

The fee is slowly raising during this round, it starts at 0 % and ends at 50 % rate.
Calculate carefully but act quickly! Or perhaps you'd better wait for the next round...

Game payouts :
Starting jackpot funds which is usually 0.001 btc per round (4 hours).

Game income :
%0 to %50 fees from all deposits (fees increase during the game. starts with 0 and reach to %50) and this is most game profits because many users put deposits at the last minutes. + %10 from final loser team.

Features :
Site is fully automated, instant deposit and withdraw are available.

You will get :
domain name :
script : site files and database

Notice : now site is merged with faucet, you will only get related domain and pages.

Starting price : 0.5 btc
Minimum increase : 0.01 btc
Reserve price : 1 btc
But it now : 1 btc

for any question feel free to ask.