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Title: Proposal: Visual Identity for Bitcoin.
Post by: markietalkie on June 18, 2011, 04:44:31 AM
We're seeing Bitcoin gaining acceptance from restaurants[1]. In near future, it's going to pay for groceries, service and expertise, may be even a house.

Bitcoin will need a visual brand identity. Bitcoin will have to compete with AMEX[2]. And for that, it's going to need a visual in various forms. A brand sticker  to go next to credit card logos at cash registers. A small icon at Amazon's checkout page. Most important of all for this stage of prevalence, icons small business and individuals would put on their websites and cards.

We need it to be everywhere. We need those stickers to be available worldwide. [3]

Only then the value of a bitcoin will see a solid increase. Currency is no good unless it can buy stuff people actually want. All those bit coins you mined or bought with good rates will not evolve into multimillion dollar capital unless it actually grows.To promote bitcoin is to grow your bitcoin capital.

I say we collectively fund and hire a designer/marketing expertise to create solid visual identity to communicate with people.

[1] (

[2] List of competitors is long and complicated. It'd include everything from all credit card to PayPal, but we wouldn't want to kill off future possibilities of those companies accepting BTC as payment/transaction currency.

[3] And low-resolution picture printed on low-quality paper put on a wall with bluetack is NOT how you deal with currency. That's why we can't just have PDFs for everyone to download and print.

Title: Re: Proposal: Visual Identity for Bitcoin.
Post by: darbsllim on June 18, 2011, 03:44:02 PM
I like the idea of bitcoin stickers. I would consider sending them to all of our members at and!