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Title: BAMT/CGMiner + 7950s
Post by: bdub on April 28, 2013, 02:36:29 PM
So I was previously running 5970s but just got a bunch of 7950s and want to run BAMT like I had with my old setup.   I installed 13.1 drivers and 2.7 SDK and also rebuilt CGMiner using 5.0 ADL.  I removed the old SDK and uninstalled the old drivers prior to installing the new. 

So here's the problem....when I have one card installed I get 550+ kh/s (stock settings) which is normal, but when I install a second, the has rate on the second is only around 400kh/s.  I've noticed that the CPU usage shoots up on 2 cards and the activity on the second card is only 60%.

I have 8GB ram so I don't think that is the problem and the cards are running super cool (under 70C).
I also export the DISPLAY, GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS and GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT environmental variables prior to running CGMiner, so that can be eliminated as a cause as well.

If anyone has run into this before, any help would be appreciated!

Title: Re: BAMT/CGMiner + 7950s
Post by: bdub on April 28, 2013, 09:11:16 PM
If anyone has a working BAMT config running 7950/7970s can you post your setup?

I'm curious of the following:

- Driver version
- SDK version
- CGMiner version
- CGMiner config file/command line options you use  (mainly intensity, thread-concurrency and gpu-threads)

I find if I use lower intensities I don't have 100% CPU usage, but I get really low hash rates.  I've also been installing different driver versions to no avail.