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Title: How many people sold their free Stellar/Lumens from 2014 ?
Post by: Pente on May 09, 2017, 06:35:50 PM
Anyway when I noticed Stellar near the top of the altcoins, I was remembered seeing an entry in my KeePass for it. Sure enough, there was an entry from 2014 with a private key. 9000 Lumens to be exact.

Anyway, I sold half of them at 900 and put a sell order for the other half at 1800 satoshis. It was filled the next day. Felt stupid when I saw it reached around 5000 satoshis. Meant to leave a thousand lumen behind. But oh well, maybe I will buy a bunch back in a few months after the inevitable crash that always seems to happen at some point.

It is just all play money on Polo at this point.