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Title: [2017-05-17]Blockchain ICOs Are Not Fit for Traditional Chinese Investors
Post by: hl5460 on May 17, 2017, 08:56:05 AM

Ransomware may have been the topic in town. But something that is more closely related to personal wealth growth is of long-term interest to pubic. Thatís ICO(initial coin offering), topics around which are getting heat up. However, experts believe that ICO are not fit amateur investor for their lack of expertise to assess the projects.

ICOs are growing wild

A blockchain startup in China called Inchain  has completed 20 million CNY funding in 22 hours. Gnosis took 9 minutes to sell out all tokens! Blockchain Capital received 10m USD in 6 hours! ICO is getting more attention but regulation is in heavy backlog. Therefore common Chinese investors are advised not to get involved, said by Deng Di, Director of China Blockchain Research Center, said. Deng Di is also known as the master behind a Chinese exchange named Yuanbao.