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Title: [SELLING] Selling PS3 Games
Post by: Hollie on June 19, 2011, 03:27:01 PM
I'm currently selling the PS3 Games: Heavenly Sword & WET.

I've bought on e-bay for many years but since I'm getting into bitcoin I'm thinking why bother paying them a percentage just to get money to buy coins and instead I'll support the currency I want to invest in by selling through it.

So here is a screenshot of my paypal account where I've been a member there for over 2 years.
Anyone who wishes to buy can send me their e-bay username in a pm or send me a message on e-bay and I will reply so you know it's me.

These game are barely used & have no scratches on them. Came from a smoke-free home
Still have the Manuel & case.

Shipping is from Texas, USA.
 is shipped w/ Tracking number

PRICE: MAKE OFFER, PM ME OR EMAIL ME or comment below.
Whichever is easier.

Will answer any questions you might have.

Accepts ClearCoin if needed.

Will ship international, just send message/Email for further details.