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Title: ⎛⎛⎛🌟🔴🌟🎲🌟🔴🌟 Announcements Thread 🌟🔴🌟🎲🌟🔴🌟⎛⎛⎛
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From here on out, we are going to attempt to do something a bit different.  We are going to release our battle plans, which are the weekly plans and tasks to be done by Moneypot developers, designers, and strategy teams and report back on youtube and other social media channels and popular forums about our upcoming new and improved Bitcoin wallet and Altcoin Wallet with Cryptocurrency Gambling.

This will allow you guys to see the inner workings of the Moneypot team and the progress being done working up towards Moneypot Version 2 and beyond it.

So stay tuned and follow one or more of these channels to keep up on the latest on our road to pivoting towards becoming a one stop crypto spot.... (


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(6/18): BattlePlans for the Week
(6/20): Introduction Video on How to use to Win Bitcoin in a few short minutes.
(6/21): First Video Stream and Bitcoin Giveaway