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Title: [2017-06-19]Feecon 2017: Bolstering the Principles of a Free Society and Bitcoin
Post by: nickbelski on June 19, 2017, 06:50:58 PM
On June 15-17 hundreds of liberty focused individuals attended the Foundation for Economic Education’s Feecon 2017 to learn about economics, free markets, and network with like-minded thinkers who are inspired to change the world. was a proud sponsor of Feecon and got the chance to teach attendees about the decentralized currency’s attributes while also showing them why we believe Bitcoin is an innovative tool that will push freedom to new levels.

Three Days of Promoting Freedom in Atlanta Georgia

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is a libertarian organization that is focused on bolstering economics and the principles of a free society. This past week FEE held a three-day gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, that saw a broad range of freedom lovers from all around the world. The event was filled with well-known speakers, exhibits, panel discussions, and liberty inspired networking. Feecon 2017 speakers included Patrick Byrne (, Caitlin Long (Symbiont), Magatte Wade (Tiossan), Stephen Pair (Bitpay), Jeffrey Tucker (FEE), and many more.

Alongside the speakers, students and budding entrepreneurs also got a chance to experience over 70 different sessions that incorporated “economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society.” The three days was bustling with people from all around the world who support the liberty movement and was filled with ideas from many individuals and forward-thinking groups dedicated to promoting freedom. There were many organizations providing educational resources such as, Atlas Network, the Ayn Rand Institute, the Bastiat Society, and of course was there to provide information on the many benefits the Bitcoin network has to offer.

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Title: Re: [2017-06-19]Feecon 2017: Bolstering the Principles of a Free Society and Bitcoin
Post by: friend666 on June 20, 2017, 02:40:03 AM
Sounds like a great meeting of minds and bitcoins is an exciting investment opportunity that will benefit many people living in various countries on various continents.