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Title: [WTS] Saab 9-3 2001 Needs a Bit of Work [COLORADO]
Post by: chsados on May 10, 2013, 12:40:03 AM
Yes, yet another hopeful car selling in BTC.  It's not exotic and it does need some work but I thought i'd give it a go.  Located outside of Denver, CO.  Hoping to get ~2k worth of BTC.

Needs some work estimated at ~$1500 at local mechanic - and a lot of it can probably be done by someone good with cars.

The power steering is leaking. The driver and passenger windows do not work and are currently held up with tape. There is a small plastic piece that broke off that the bottom of where the glass sits on. There is some clear coating peeling off on portions of the exterior (see images). Other than that the engine runs fine and a brand new battery. Willing to take it into a mechanic of your choice and settle on a fair offer. Kelly Blue Book puts the price of this car in extremely poor condition around $2000.

~200K miles
Leather seating
Multi CD
The white stuff is tape residue