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Title: Cuda Error 77, Help!
Post by: fmafia on July 07, 2017, 04:04:41 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have about 3 rigs, never ran into this problem.

MSI 270a Pro Mobo
8 gb ram
6x MSI Nvidia 1060
1000W PSU (another rig runs this, its plenty)

Running claymore (genoil doesn't work well on my rigs for some reason, slow text)

I flashed the BIOS to have the cryptocurrency mining setting on. I've tried installing windows with that setting disabled, only using one card, and running through all the driver installations. Then circling back around and turning on the bios settings (crypto enabled, gen 1, 96 latency etc.) I've tried leaving it on auto, I've tried gen 2. I've disabled and renenabled about every setting. I swapped out power supplies, changed out the motherboard (From a MSI 270 SLI to a 270A pro). I don't suspect the risers because I had it working for a brief period, then the miner hit this error and was never able to run it at 6 cards again. I'm using the same start.bat that all my other miners use.

Specifically, the miner is saying:

GPU X, GpuMiner cu_kd failed 77 (0), an illegal memory access was encountered
GPU X, Calc DAG failed!

For every GFX card, where X is the GFX card number.

I've also tried turning off the cryptocurrency setting, and it seems to help sometimes, sometimes not. At one point I was able to get back up to 4 cards by turning this setting off, but after reformatting and reinstalling windows to try to get a clean install on drivers countless times, that has since passed.

I've also reset CMOS, etc.

Any help? I can't find much documentation on fixing error this a MOBO issue?


Title: Re: Cuda Error 77, Help!
Post by: Dealazer on July 11, 2017, 02:50:26 PM
I recommend you to update to latest windows 10 version. With all updates installed. To the newest Windows 10.
Also recommend you to have latest Nvidia driver for that windows version.
If you are trying to mine Ethereum. Know that you have to have more than 2gb or 3gb ram on your card.

Also I recommend using Linux as a solution if you seem to have continuing problems and to compile your own miners if that is possible for Ethash.

There might be possible to install Nvidia drivers on Linux as well, using WINE to run windows programs, as of that miner it might be possible to some extent.

But have you considered error finding in each of the Nvidia cards?
It might happen that just one card creates problems across all. That card might also be with wrong manifacture. Since just one transistor error might cause failure. And that often happens to thousand serials.